Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sketchcrawl October 2010

The 29th world wide sketchcrawl had a great turnout in Oslo!  I think at the most we were maybe 11 people?  I lost count!  We were super lucky with the weather too.  Winter is just around the corner here but the sun came through for us and kept us warm.
We started our crawl in front of the castle at the foot of the statue of Karl Johan, looking down on Karl Johans street.  We later made a brief stop in the reptile park again before finding us some food and drinks.
A fun time, but maybe not my finest sketching day -- please ignore the funny loon, it's actually a seagull :P

My sketches:


Blogger travelingsuep said...

I love your style of drawing. I especially like the perspective on the horse statue - fabulous!!

18/10/10 18:12  
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