Wednesday, November 15, 2006

another year older...


Blogger scallywag said...

i'm a fan, love that sketch. (i saw it on storedyret, its not like i'm that creepy...) keep it up! can't wait to see what's around the bend.

ever heard of Postal Service? It's Deathcabs side-project. I havent been back to norway in a few years and i don't know if they've made it over. just thought you'd like it.

17/11/06 10:42  
Blogger maja papaya said...

Hey thanks for the visit :D

Yeah, I adore the Postal Service...! Took me a while to figure out that it was the same people involved in both bands.

17/11/06 18:01  
Blogger Glenn said...


Great drawing(s) as always... I though I would let you know, you inspired me to start my own blog:

Eventually, I will get to finishing my website. In the meantime this works out great.
I am always checking in to see if you posted anything new. Keep up the excellent work! I am looking forward to more :)

19/12/06 07:33  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

Yes, please post more stuff... don't neglect your fans!

13/1/07 21:36  
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