Monday, March 13, 2006

something for tonie... :D

Been meaning to draw a lemur for you for forever, did this quick paint-sketch tonight... The lemur was pretty much drawn from my head, while the color/lighting was borrowed from a photo...
I'd love to do a more graphic/stylized lemur as well... They're so cool!

Wanna see a lemur move? Here's a great page:


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey, just to say THANK YOU offially!! TAKKTAKKTAKKTAKKTAKK! Very authentic. Can't believe you drew it from your head! Tonie :)

21/3/06 11:42  
Anonymous Woodnymph said...

I look foreword too see them for real ;-)Very nice drawing, Maja!

21/3/06 18:31  
Anonymous yaprak said...

so beautiful Maja! Well done!!!
Your number one fan

26/3/06 17:30  
Anonymous Woodnymph said...

Now I have seen them in real life :-) Lots of Catta lemurien in the Andringitra aerea!

10/7/06 17:23  

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